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That's chess!
You've got to make some sacrifices!
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24th-Jan-2010 08:43 pm - Twenty-fifth move- [Voice]
[Why no, Ron's voice doesn't sound like he's been crying, because boys don't cry. Not even when they're panicking because their mums are missing.]

Has anybody seen my mum?

I checked her room... and the kitchen... and a few other places, but....

Mum, where are you?

You couldn't've left. Not without me.
26th-Dec-2009 11:41 pm - Twenty-fourth move.
I think I might've eaten too much yesterday. Couldn't really get out of bed for a while this morning... er, afternoon. Late afternoon. But it's still technically the holidays, right? There's no reason to be up and about at dawn or anything.

Ruby, I got a laugh out of that book. It should come in handy. Thanks!

Sirius, if you've got anyone you'd want me to test your gift out on, I'll be sure to 'use it well'.

Hey Coraline, if you'd like to come over and teach me how to work this game you got me, that'd be great. While you're here, you could see the great poster of the Chudley Cannons my mum got me. It's not like the boring ones; this one moves and you can see the players zooming around the pitch. It's pretty neat.

Mum... thanks for everything.

... it's kind of weird, not spending Christmas with Harry this year. I hope he's doing all right. Hermione, too, I guess.
7th-Dec-2009 11:12 pm - Twenty-third move.
[Private to Sirius, James Potter, Coraline, and Ruby // totally hackable because Ron still fails at tech.]

My mum's got this idea of spending Christmastime with family and friends, so, since you lot are the closest I've got to that around here, I was wondering if you wanted to spend the day with us? I think she's just got dinner in mind (I'm hoping she's not actually thinking we're going to do carolling or any rubbish like that) but she's a great cook. Let us know so I can tell her how much to whip up.

10th-Nov-2009 02:56 pm - Twenty-second move: [Video]
That's bollocks

[Ron's face comes on, looking distinctly annoyed.]

If someone doesn't tell me what the hell is going on-

[He's interrupted by someone shaking a bag of potato chips in his face, causing Ron to move the camera in surprise. Next to him is a taller, older, chubbier version of himself, offering the bag.]

Sure you don't want any chips, dude?

No, I don't want any of your bloody ch-... chips? Those are crisps!

They're called chips, man.

... if you're supposed to be me, why are you so American?

I dunno. Why are you so short?

[The actor then proceeds to pat Ron hard on the head, as though attempting to hammer him down.]

Man, you're a runt.

Stop that!

Make me, runt.

[Frustrated, Ron ducks out from under the actor's hand and pulls out his wand, pointing it at the other Ron 's face.]

I'm warning you- HEY!

[The actor's snatched it away.]

Yoink! Loser! Accio M&Ms!

[And a bag of M&Ms appears out of nowhere and flies into the actor's hand, smacking the back of Ron's head in the process. An unamused Ron grabs the device and chucks it at the actor. Though the viewpoint goes screwy, it's clear he dodges it and it clatters to the floor.]

Weeeaaaak. Finite recording!

[Screen goes black to Ron's irritated yell, cutting him off just as he starts using some of the new words Ruby's taught him.]

26th-Oct-2009 08:29 pm - Twenty-first move: [Accidental Video]
[The communicator is on Ron's desk, picking up a fairly strange scene. Ron is wearing a red bathrobe over his pajamas and hurriedly backing away from a small manservant, who is holding out robes that look vaguely like this.]

No! I don't care what sort of psychotic idea this ruddy Queen's got, you're not setting me up in that! I refuse!

[He takes off his slipper and throws it, shooing the bewildered servant out of the line of sight.]

Go on, get out of here! If you're gonna make me play dress-up, you don't have to bring me something that looks like a dress!

[He just now notices that his device is on and rolls his eyes.]

I knew I'd hate this stupid event.

[And he swipes the device from the desk, eventually managing to flick it off.]
24th-Oct-2009 11:53 pm - Twentieth move.

Even if I don't end up falling out a window again, I really hope the next event isn't a ball. I hate dancing.

Can't we ever get some decent clues?

[Private to Sirius / Hackable because Ron still fails at technology]

Erm, Sirius? I just heard that you... uh, that you got hurt during the last event. I didn't know you could change into a dog, and Ruby said you really do look like a Grim when you're like that. I, er... I hope you're not mad.



12th-Oct-2009 02:57 am - Nineteenth move.
[Ron's voice sounds a bit slurred and strained... maybe a bit concussed? Who knows?]

Shouldn'... shouldn' try escapin' through a window.

'preciate if someone could throw a blanket over me. Bit cold. Been out here for... a while.

[A thud sound can be heard as the device finally becomes too heavy for him and he lets it fall to the ground as he passes out.]

[OOC- Ron, certain that someone was trying to come into his room at night, tried climbing out his window to safety. Unfortunately, he thought he spotted a Grim (a big black dog that wizards believe to be a death omen), lost his footing, and fell. Luckily, he's only two flights up, but he did bump his head and has been fading in and out of consciousness. He's lying in the grass with his pajamas on, fairly scratched up from both the fall and the other minor injuries he acquired over the event. Feel free to take him off to safety.]
8th-Oct-2009 10:32 pm - Eighteenth move.
Is it just me, or do a lot of these event announcements have to do with food? I mean, I like food and everything, but why use that in these poems about how we're all gonna be in incredible pain?! Why not use something already connected to pain, like school or something?
3rd-Oct-2009 11:59 pm - Seventeenth move.

Is that foul drink coming out of the tap? What do I have to do to get some water around here?

Also, it's colder than the Potions class' dungeon. I need more blankets, but I don't know if there are any more to spare.

Sharing wasn't even this tough back home, and that's with six siblings under one roof.
30th-Sep-2009 12:11 am - Sixteenth move.
Just Ron
Well, that wasn't all that bad! True, my drawing's too rubbish for me to have bothered putting any of it up, but at least our mouths opened. Some people could do with having no sounds coming out, anyway.

Er, Mum? I just remembered you saying something a while back about giving me lessons. I wouldn't bring it up, but I sort of started a small fire when I tried making the picture on my parchment move last night. Maybe I am getting a little rusty, so.... (Of course, if you're too busy, don't strain yourself!)

James? Has Harry asked you about lessons? Maybe we can all get together and split up the homework load and make some fun of it.

Speaking of fun, would it be possible to enchant some brooms for a small game of Quidditch? Or maybe someone can teach me some Muggle games, like that Smash Kart tournament thing someone mentioned earlier? Waiting around for this place to throw a fun event at us again is a bit on the boring side.
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